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Guidance at every step of Your
Inclusion Journey

From foundation to destination, our online training is expertly crafted and audience-tested to offer real guidance through your inclusion journey.

These on-demand courses and trainings can be customized to your sector and needs, delivered virtually or in-person.

Online training courses

In addition to these courses, we can customize training to your specific subject matter and deliver it live, whether virtual or in-person.

Lead the Change:

Unlocking the Competitive Advantage of Inclusion

In this module, participants will learn to explain to their teams what a diverse and inclusive culture looks like, why having a diverse team is important and how to plan the next steps on how to build a DEI culture within their team.

Allyship in Action:

From Intent to Positive Impact

In this module participants will gain familiarity with the role and responsibilities of an ally by learning what an ally is and how to be an effective ally.  Participants will be walked through the ally journey and learn the skills, steps and roles an ally can play that will help you immediately in the workplace, making you a role model for future generations.

Inclusive Leadership:

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

In this module, participants will explore what inclusive leadership is and how to be an inclusive team leader. Participants will be walked through all stages of the employee lifecycle to learn measures that can be taken to prevent and address performance issues related to inclusion and belonging.

Overcoming Resistance to DEI in the Workplace:

Tools and Strategies to Make Change Happen

In this module, participants will explore the common forms of resistance that can get in the way of developing a more diverse and inclusive workforce and guide you on how to create greater acceptance and commitment from your colleagues.

Get Certified

Show your stuff

Corporate Social Intelligence Certificate

Leaders who complete all of our course material will receive a CSI certificate of completion, identifying you to your peers, and your customers, that you’re doing the work.

Become an asset and an ally to your DEI efforts, all while building skills that help take your career to the next level.

Demonstrate your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by having your team certified through the Centre for Social Intelligence. Complete all four courses and receive your certificate.

CSI’s courses are:

  • Industry tested
  • Interactive and engaging
  • Flexible and mobile friendly learning