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LEAD THE CHANGE: The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity and Inclusion

Lead the Change: The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity and Inclusion is intended to help any senior leader in any sector understand the impetus behind this cutting-edge issue and how, by pursuing a culture shift in their organization, they will have a leg up on the competition in this ever-competing global market, and see the incredible economic and social benefits for women and men.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

What’s Inside?




Chapter 3: BE THE CHANGE



How do I know if Diversity and Inclusion is possible in my Industry or Workplace?

We have many resources available for you to download for free that can help answer that question.

Start with a Diversity Audit

Not sure if a Diversity Audit makes sense for your organization?

Download our free Diversity Audit Guide that explains what the audit is and why it’s a great starting point towards a Diverse & Inclusive workplace.

Become an Ally

Want to know how to be an ally to underrepresented groups in your workplace? This report provides “the ally journey spectrum” to help individuals learn the steps they can take to contribute to an inclusive workplace culture. It also provides tangible allyship actions for organizations to implement to ensure everyone is “getting into team” on diversity and inclusion.

Free to Grow in Forestry Case Study

The Free to Grow in Forestry Initiative was officially launched in November 2018. The Centre for Social Intelligence secured funding for the Canadian Institute of Forestry from the department for Women and Gender Equality (WAGE). This innovative partnership spearheaded by CSI and CIF will lead a gender champions steering committee comprised of public, private, not-for-profit, Indigenous and academics that will create a sustained change across the forestry sector. This project was recognized by the International Union of Forest Research Organization (IUFRO), a global non-governmental organization uniting 650 member organizations and representing over 15,000 scientists across the world. The IUFRO Task Force identified this project as a key case study and resource for fostering the professional development of underrepresented voices in the forestry sector.

Inclusive Leadership – Creating a culture of empowerment, accountability and belonging

This report takes a look at best practices from twelve leading international companies that are certified in gender equality in the workplace by DiversityInc (international focus) and Women in Governance (Canadian focus) and identifies various approaches and tools used to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce.

How to Deal With Resistance to Diversity & Inclusion

Change of any kind is often met with some level of resistance so it is no surprise that some people – both men and women – resist changing a workplace culture to be more gender diverse and inclusive.

In the report “The Path of Least RESISTANCE to Gender Diversity & Inclusion”, you will learn strategies to overcome resistance on this issue and how to positively engage and influence those who do not see the benefits of changing the status quo.

What Men Can Easily Do To Support Diversity & Inclusion

Traditionally, men dominate decision making in many work environments

EVERYONE benefits when there is diversity & inclusion at all levels, including upper management. And it’s at this level, the C-suite, where, historically, women have been missing.

There is increasing stakeholder (government, society) momentum to include women in organizations.

Many times, when an organization tries to set hiring quotas, the results lead to women feeling as though they are only hired to fill the ‘token’ positions, not based on their skills and qualifications.

We work with organizations to address the misperception that there is a ‘diversity & inclusion issue to be resolved’, and shift the dialogue to “it makes good business sense” to have a diverse & inclusive workforce.

Become a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

You know your organization could do better at meeting a more diverse & inclusive workforce, but how do you present a case to your C-suite that will make them pay attention?

Download a free guide that explains how and what to include in your business case. We cover topics that your executive and stakeholders care about, like profitability, performance, sustainability and more.

Using proven techniques based on years of research and leading edge thinking, CSI takes away your confusion about how to get started on mainstreaming diversity & inclusion in the workplace at a national sector level.

Not sure where to begin?

Download our free Inclusion Growth Curve Guide and you’ll be able to determine where your organization fits on the curve – with no obligation.

Keynotes and Interviews

Kelly has spoken at company retreats; conferences; podcasts; political/public venues and for executive teams to help explain the value proposition of D&I and provide a blueprint for how to take action.

Beyond that, Kelly covers topics such as:

  • How to create inclusive cultures
  • How to overcome resistance to D&I – The Easy Way
  • Inclusive Leadership – Why it is a business growth opportunity and how to get started
  • How to create D&I allies in your organization
  • How to avoid sex scandals in the workplace
  • How to create a return on D&I beyond what you get in the stock market
  • Why you aren’t getting the economic results from D&I that you are told you should get

Willing to work with you on your ideas to transform your organization.

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Not sure where to begin?

We have an easy, first step you can take. Download our free Inclusion Growth Curve Guide that explains the steps on the way toward Diversity & Inclusion and you’ll be able to determine where your organization fits on the curve – with no obligation.

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