Creating Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces

We take away your confusion about how to get started on mainstreaming diversity & inclusion in the workplace and help you overcome any resistance within the organization.

Access a Larger Labour Market

With the retirement of baby boomers, more women and minorities are needed to meet market labour shortages.

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Increase Revenue and Productivity

Research shows more women in the workforce leads to less turnover, greater care and maintenance of equipment, less risk taking decisions, greater understanding of stakeholder concerns.

Strengthen Your Business Reputation

Position your organization as a leader in understanding social issues of today and the betterment of society as a whole. Valuing diversity & inclusion in the workplace creates a beacon for top talent.

Create an Inclusive & Diverse Workplace – Training Package

Are you…


Struggling to understand why Diversity & Inclusion is necessary in your workplace?


Needing tools and tactics to overcome resistance to D&I when talking with your boss and colleagues?


Curious about what your organization can do to shift the workplace to be more welcoming of women and other underrepresented groups?

Helping You Achieve Success

Become a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

You know your organization could do better at meeting a more diverse & inclusive workforce, but how do you present a case to your C-suite that will make them pay attention?

Download a free guide that explains how and what to include in your business case.

We cover topics that your executive and stakeholders care about, like profitability, performance, sustainability and more.

Agents For Change

We agree it can be confusing and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ clear path to lead an organization to attain diversity & inclusion.

We understand it’s hard to know where to start, who to work with, and how to be sure you’ve invested your money and time wisely.

That’s why we have multiple ways to get started on the journey – pick the one that best meets you where you are now.

Executive Coaching

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Focus Groups


Struggling with how to get started?

Looking for some ways to see how CSI can help you?

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What Men Can Easily Do To Support Diversity & Inclusion

Traditionally, men dominate decision making in many work environments

EVERYONE benefits when there is diversity & inclusion at all levels, including upper management. And it’s at this level, the C-suite, where, historically, women have been missing.

There is increasing stakeholder (government, society) momentum to include women in organizations.

Many times, when an organization tries to set hiring quotas, the results lead to women feeling as though they are only hired to fill the ‘token’ positions, not based on their skills and qualifications.

We work with organizations to address the misperception that there is a ‘diversity & inclusion issue to be resolved’, and shift the dialogue to “it makes good business sense” to have a diverse & inclusive workforce.

How to Deal With Resistance to Diversity & Inclusion

Change of any kind is often met with some level of resistance so it is no surprise that some people – both men and women – resist changing a workplace culture to be more gender diverse and inclusive.

In the report “The Path of Least RESISTANCE to Gender Diversity & Inclusion”, you will learn strategies to overcome resistance on this issue and how to positively engage and influence those who do not see the benefits of changing the status quo.

Actions to Create Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

Corporate awareness on diversity & inclusion has never been greater than it is now and both the public and private sectors are seeking ways to move from why should I do this, to how should I do this.

Social Agents from the Centre for Social Intelligence are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills from around the world to help guide your organization through the development of a business case, to diversity & inclusion audits and ultimately a diversity & inclusion strategy to attain a more diverse & inclusive workplace. Their expertise has informed Ministers, parliamentary committees, industry associations, senior corporate executives, not-for-profit organizations on ways to move toward diverse & inclusive workplace.

The Centre for Social Intelligence is pleased to be partnering on the National Action Plan for Gender Equity in the Forest Sector. For this 3-year initiative CSI will work alongside the Canadian Institute for Forestry. You can find out more about this and our other projects by clicking here.

Our Process


Schedule a Call

We’ll discuss where your organization is currently at with diversity & inclusion implementation.


Make a Plan

Allow us to create a customized action plan to move your organization toward diversity & inclusion in the workplace.



We’ll execute the plan together and support you along the way.

2021 Women of Inspiration™️ Award Finalist

Kelly Cooper created the first sector-wide approach to achieving sustained culture change on diversity and inclusion in Canada’s forest sector. Harnessing leaders from all stakeholder groups created a united front and strong message that this workplace-culture shift is here to stay.

⭐What does being recognized mean to you?

“I have been determined to make a difference with the work I do. Being recognized with this award would validate … what I am passionate about is important not just to me, but to others.”
– Kelly Cooper

World Wide Coverage Through Legend Magazine

Kelly Cooper was selected as 1 of 5 female entrepreneurs to be featured in Legend Magazine for the Empowering Women edition launched September 15, 2020. It provides insights into why Kelly went into this line of work, her challenges as a woman in this field and what CSI does for companies worldwide.


SOCIAL INTELLIGENCETM is when an organization acknowledges, addresses and invests in the social dimensions of an organization such as gender diversity and inclusion, mental health, and intergenerational issues with the goal of increasing productivity, health/wellness, and the bottom line.

This is achieved by giving individuals in an organization the necessary tools and skills to develop themselves to create a healthy and sustainable work environment for all.

Lead the Change: The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity and Inclusion

This book provides compelling reasons why attention to gender diversity and inclusion (GDI) is critical at this particular time in our global economy. It clearly maps out the value proposition of GDI and takes the guess work out of how to take action right now.

The stakes are high – both in terms of the bottom line and for our society – you need to know why. It will guide you on how to be the change, make the change-and leverage the change…into dollars.

A great purchase for company retreats, executive training, or any company gifting opportunity, post-secondary education courses, or for friends and family who just don’t understand why this is an issue. Buy it and help transform the world on why this is needed now more than ever before.

This is your opportunity to be the one to make a difference as an individual and as an organization. Click the order button below and lead the change.

Customer reviews can be found at

*Audio version is in the works and will be made available soon! 

Lead The Change can also be found online at and in Ottawa area Chapters/Indigo bookstores.

make a change

The Centre for Social Intelligence is proud to donate $5 from every “Lead the Change” shirt to the Ottawa Coalition To End Violence Against Women.

In Canada, violence against women shelters, sexual assault centres, and other front-line services addressing gender-based violence have experienced extraordinary strain on their resources as they work to support survivors of violence during the pandemic. Shelters have seen up to a 300% increase in calls and in some areas of Canada, an increase of up to 22% in domestic violence incidents 1 . We would like to offer our support to OCTEVAW, who work tirelessly to support and advocate for these front-line servicesas a thank you for the work that they are doing and continue to do in our community. To learn more about OCTEVAW, and the work that they are doing click here.


“The project for gender equality in the forest sector is breaking exciting new ground. This initiative of the Centre for Social Intelligence together with the Canadian Institute of Forestry, is bringing together industry, government, indigenous organizations, academia, and NGOs to promote the advancement of women in the industry. It’s a fantastic partnership model that I hope will be emulated by other sectors of the economy and within individual communities. Hats off to Kelly Cooper and the CSI!”

Michael Kaufman

Founding member of White Ribbon and author of “The Time Has Come. Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution.”

“I am very honoured to have been part of this committee and to have worked with Kelly and all the members, each bringing strengths together to help solve a longstanding inequity. I expect great things will come of this effort and recognize the leadership role Kelly has played in making it happen.”

Read full testimonial

Heather Dryburgh, Ph.D.

Director General, Census Subject Matter, Social and Demographic Statistics Branch Statistics Canada

We are proud to be the FIRST! The Centre for Social Intelligence worked with Tolko to conduct a gender equality audit to assess where we stand compared to the Edge certification standard. Tolko is the first natural resource company in Canada to undertake the gender equality gap audit. Thank you Kelly Cooper.

Tanya Wick

VP, People and Services, Tolko

Kelly focuses on the challenge at hand, strengthening teams to achieve solid outcomes.

C. Henderson

President, Lumos Energy


Read, watch & listen to Kelly Cooper’s media appearances below.

Ready to Lead the Change within your industry or organization? Kelly Cooper, President and founder of CSI, is available for interviews, keynotes and other media appearances.

Free to Grow in Forestry Podcast - Hosted by Kelly Cooper

A podcast working to move #ForestryForward.

Today’s forest sector is changing, and many organizations are making strides toward implementing inclusion and diversity measures and recruiting underrepresented groups (such as women, Indigenous peoples, new Canadians, 2SLGBTQ+, visible minorities, and people living with disabilities). But, there’s more work to be done. Join the Canadian Institute of Forestry and the Centre for Social Intelligence as we hear from a variety of experts, individuals, and organizations across the forest sector and beyond sharing their stories and experiences on inclusion and diversity in forestry. Together, we can move #ForestryForward.

Click here for episodes

Featured Interviews

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in the Pellet Sector is Common “Cents”

An Interview with the Centre for Social Intelligence’s Kelly Cooper


Does The Forest Industry Have A Diversity Issue?

Learn about Free to Grow in Forestry! TimberConnect interviews Kelly Cooper.


Episode 69: Guest Kelly Cooper for more diversity knowledge

Determine Our Future podcast by Lani Parker Pierce



Episode 73: The Empathy Edge podcast

“Diversity and inclusion progresses at the speed of empathy. The more empathy you have, the greater likelihood of acceptance.” Enjoy my conversation with Maria Ross @redslice The Empathy Edge podcast.

Episode 58: Diversity and inclusion in the workplace, with guest Kelly Cooper

As we struggle through the social justice awakening of 2020, and figure out how to make positive changes while not stepping back into social norms that simply reinforce those racial and ethnic stereotypes and biases, we all need help and support.

Centre for Social Intelligence Team

Our CSI Team is experienced and approachable and have seen it all! Having worked with mostly traditionally male dominated cultures, our CSI Team can help you determine what you need and how to go about it. It’s that simple. – Then have them go to the list of the Team. 

Learn more about how CSI can support your organization.

The Team

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Cooper

CEO & Founder CSI, Dynamic Leader and Strategic Thinker in Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

Brenda Oppermann

Brenda Oppermann

Gender, Stabilization and Organizational Change Expert

Dr. Janet Mantler

Dr. Janet Mantler

Organizational Psychologist and Associate Professor

Dr. M.A. (Peggy) Smith, R.P.F.

Dr. M.A. (Peggy) Smith, R.P.F.

Professor Emerita, Faculty of Natural Resources Management

Maria Creighton (MSc)

Maria Creighton (MSc)

Research and Training Development Officer

Bob Tait

Bob Tait

Seasoned Executive and Mentor

Myles Holar

Myles Holar

Social Media Outreach

Corinna Rake

Corinna Rake

Valued Website Support

Julia Prather

Julia Prather

Researcher, Diversity and Inclusion

Frances Walker

Frances Walker

Communications and Outreach Coordinator

Become a Leading Organization by optimizing performance, branding your organization and achieving returns on your social investment.

Want to know how diversity & inclusion makes you money?

We help companies achieve “the triple bottom line” of sustainable development and increase the SOCIAL INTELLIGENCETM of the company by:

investing in diversity & inclusion initiatives; And by doing so,

ensuring they are reaching their potential; resulting in

improved performance; and

Ultimately an improved bottom line.

Not sure where to begin?

We have an easy, first step you can take. Download our free Inclusion Growth Curve Guide that explains the steps on the way toward Diversity & Inclusion and you’ll be able to determine where your organization fits on the curve – with no obligation.

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