Create an Inclusive & Diverse Workplace – Training Package

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This training package includes:

Lead the Change: Unlocking the Competitive Advantage of Inclusion – Taken from components of the book Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity & Inclusion, authored by CSI Founder and CEO Kelly Cooper.

This introductory module will walk you through some of the basics on why diversity and inclusion is a driver for economic growth, some of the fundamental terminology to know, and pitfalls to avoid as you engage in discussion with others about this topic. (valued at $50)

Allyship in Action: From Intent to Positive Impact – Every person, no matter their privilege or starting point, can become a lifelong advocate for change (valued at $100).

Inclusive Leadership: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent – Recognize the difference between traditional versus inclusive leadership and its benefits for employees as well as ways to create an inclusive workplace culture (valued at $100);

Overcoming Resistance to DEI in the Workplace: Tools and Strategies to Make Change Happen – Learn tested strategies for overcoming resistance to D&I (valued at $100)

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