Lead the Change – the Competitive Advantage of Diversity & Inclusion



This introductory course will walk you through some of the basics on why diversity and inclusion is a driver for economic growth, some of the basic terminology to know, and pitfalls to avoid as you engage in discussion with others about this topic.

Taken from the book Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity & Inclusion, authored by CSI Founder and CEO Kelly Cooper, it provides the underlying knowledge needed prior to engaging in the three courses:

  • How to overcome resistance to diversity and inclusion
  • How to create an inclusive workplace culture
  • How to be an effective ally

These three courses will have a ripple effect on every aspect of your workplace culture. You will…

  • Learn tested strategies for overcoming resistance to D&I
  • Recognize the difference between traditional versus inclusive leadership and its benefits for employees; and
  • Discover the steps of the “allyship journey.” Every person, no matter their privilege or starting point, can become a lifelong advocate for change.