National Sector Initiatives

Interested in making a big impact in your sector? Based on experience with the mining and forestry sectors, CSI will help you create a national sector diversity & inclusion action plan, engaging all stakeholders including public, private, not-for-profit, academia and Indigenous representatives from across your sector. Through this national sector approach, CSI will create a sustainable workplace culture change, improving the image of the sector overall.
Learn more about the current initiative between CSI and the Canadian Institute of Forestry to create a diverse and inclusive work force that provides the foundation for a thriving forest sector and healthy communities.
Using proven techniques based on years of research and leading edge thinking, CSI takes away your confusion about how to get started on mainstreaming diversity & inclusion in the workplace at a national sector level.

Not sure where to begin?

Download our free Inclusion Growth Curve Guide and you’ll be able to determine where your organization fits on the curve – with no obligation.