Diversity & Inclusion Strategies

Based on the the current status on actions undertaken to date, CSI will help your organization to develop a diversity & inclusion strategy to bring you from simply complying with employment equity/human rights legislation to being a diversity & inclusion champion that others aspire to work with and for. There are many different diversity & inclusion tools to choose from and CSI can work with you to determine which ones are best suited to your needs. Beyond developing a strategy with you, it includes such things as leadership training for women and minorities, unconscious bias training, and review of policies and best practices, among other things.

Become a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

You know your organization could do better at meeting a more diverse & inclusive workforce, but how do you present a case to your C-suite that will make them pay attention?

Download a free guide that explains how and what to include in your business case. We cover topics that your executive and stakeholders care about, like profitability, performance, sustainability and more.