Create an Inclusive & Diverse Workplace – Training Package

Are you…


Struggling to understand why Diversity & Inclusion is necessary in your workplace?


Needing tools and tactics to overcome resistance to D&I when talking with your boss and colleagues?


Curious about what your organization can do to shift the workplace to be more welcoming of women and other underrepresented groups?

It's Time to Lead the Change

The Centre for Social Intelligence offers courses that will easily guide you through answers to the above questions and provide foundational thinking on why action is needed.

Overcome Resistance to D&I

Learn tools to overcome resistance to D&I in the workplace

Create Inclusive Workplaces

Learn about inclusive leadership and how to take action

Become an Effective Ally

All of us can learn skills to become a more effective ally


Our Course Offerings

Lead the Change – the Competitive Advantage of Diversity & Inclusion

3 modules

Learn why diversity and inclusion is a driver behind economic growth. We also go over important diversity & inclusion terminology and pitfalls that you should avoid when engaging in discussion about this topic.

Overcome Resistance to Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace

8 modules

Resistance to diversity and inclusion in the workplace is common. By understanding the types of resistance, and how to address it, you will be equipped to handle any setbacks.

Create an Inclusive Leadership Culture

7 modules

Explore what it means to be an inclusive leader, why it’s essential for our future workforce and touch upon policies and initiatives that can be implemented immediately in your organization.

Leverage Power & Privilege as an Ally

5 modules

Learn the ten steps to becoming an effective ally and how you can use your privilege within the workplace to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive work environment.

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Why Take Action on D&I?

Financial Incentive

Beyond the business case that outline incentives, there are the financial impacts of inaction including such things as harassment lawsuits and the cost of programs that counter issues like gender based violence. These costs are significant, at the organization level, and individual level (we pay tax that is channeled to such programs).

It's an Everybody Issue

This isn’t a woman’s issue – it’s an everybody issue. Men are now speaking up about harassment they have experienced in the workplace. For example we are now hearing from hockey players, boys scouts (now men) and the Catholic Church. We need to create safe spaces for men to raise their concerns too and not have fear of being ostracized from their peers.

Pay Inequity

The pay gap between men and women is still an issue. We need to address that so that all people earn equal pay for equal work

Next Generation

Millennials and gen z cohorts make up the majority of the labour force of the future. Statistics show they want to work with organizations that align with their social values.

Human Rights

Women and other underrepresented groups deserve a harassment free workplace. It’s a basic human right. People come to work to work and earn a living. They should not be discriminated against because of skin colour, religion, ethinic origin or gender identity.

It's a Social Imperative

Improving diversity and inclusion makes the world a better place for all generations to thrive, not just survive.


Our Courses

3 modules

Introduction – Lead the Change

Using the book Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity & Inclusion as the guide, you will learn the context and foundational knowledge needed to engage in the three courses.:

  • How to overcome resistance to diversity and inclusion
  • How to create an inclusive workplace culture
  • How to be an effective ally

Create an Inclusive & Diverse Workplace – Training Package

25 modules and checklists

Register for all 4 courses

The introduction module, alongside our other three courses, will have a ripple effect on every aspect of your workplace culture.

You will…

  • Learn tested strategies for overcoming resistance to D&I
  • Recognize the difference between traditional versus inclusive leadership and its benefits for employees; and
  • Discover the steps of the “allyship journey.”

The package also includes bonus checklists to get you started, and additional resources for how to continue your allyship journey.

Every person, no matter their privilege or starting point, can become a lifelong advocate for change.



Why Train With Us?


Established for Over 10 Years


Proven success rate across many sectors


Internationally recognized as a thought leading organization on diversity and inclusion


Focused on organizational and individual actions that shift the workplace culture to be more welcoming to women and other underrepresented groups

Helping You Achieve Success

Become a Diverse & Inclusive Organization

You know your organization could do better at creating a more diverse & inclusive workforce, but how? These training modules are designed to help you take that next step.

Years in Business

Executives Supported

Years Leading sustainable development projects


What Our Clients Say

If you haven’t talked to Kelly Cooper or hear her speak, or read her book “Lead the Change”, or listened to her podcast – Free to Grow in Forestry, you really should! And if you have you should tell others. She is an amazing thought leader and champion for the forest sector.

Jason Fisher, RPF

MNP LLP – Partner

I have had the good fortune to work with Kelly Cooper, founder and president of the Centre for Social Intelligence, to collaborate on an initiative to foster gender equity in the Forestry Sector. This innovative project is Canada’s first public-private funded national gender equity project, and is largely the result of Kelly’s vision, tenacity and her ability to bring others on board with that vision. The initiative aims to create a diverse and inclusive work force to ensure a thriving Canadian forest sector into the future.

Heather Dryburgh, Ph.D.

Director General, Census Subject Matter, Social and Demographic Statistics Branch Statistics Canada

The project for gender equality in the forest sector is breaking exciting new ground. This initiative of the Centre for Social Intelligence together with the Canadian Institute of Forestry, is bringing together industry, government, indigenous organizations, academia, and NGOs to promote the advancement of women in the industry. It’s a fantastic partnership model that I hope will be emulated by other sectors of the economy and within individual communities.

Michael Kaufman

Founding member of White Ribbon and author of “The Time Has Come. Why Men Must Join the Gender Equality Revolution.”


Frequently Asked

Do you offer in-person training?

Yes! Contact us for more information.

Do you have other resources to help me?

My book – you can purchase an autographed copy right here!
Podcasts, articles, downloads, and more can be found in the Resources and Media sections.

How does CSI differ from other companies out there doing D&I work?

CSI has been doing this work for the last ten years with proven success. We address D&I issues at the organizational and individual level. There are different actions to be taken depending on if the organization is at the beginning of learning about “why” D&I is needed to “how” to go about it. Contact us to learn more.

How do you know you’ve been successful with D&I initiatives?

Through the development of D&I indicators, your organization will be able to track metrics that will clearly show you are making progress. CSI can help you with this. It’s important to note, however, that change will take some time – depending on the size of your organization – anywhere from 1-3 years before sustainable change has taken place.

Are the trainings offered in French?

Not yet, but they will be! We are in the process of translating into French over the course of the next year.

In-Person Training Available!

We recognize that online training is just the start of the learning journey. At CSI, we believe that follow-up in person training is also helpful to ensure the knowledge and skills presented in these online courses stick. To book follow-up in person training with one of our training facilitators, please contact us at

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