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Introduction: Lead the Change

3 Lessons of 40min

In this introduction, we will delve into the three questions of “What?” “Why?” And “How?” of creating an inclusive workplace culture, where everyone feels that they are valued.

At CSI, we believe that people are your biggest asset, and diverse minds create innovative solutions that drive economic performance and increase the bottom line.


Course Objectives & Outcomes

The book “Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity & Inclusion” provides the context and foundational knowledge needed to engage in the three courses:


How to overcome resistance to diversity and inclusion


How to create an inclusive workplace culture


How to be an effective ally

In-Person Training Available!

We recognize that online training is just the start of the learning journey. At CSI, we believe that follow-up in person training is also helpful to ensure the knowledge and skills presented in these online courses stick. To book follow-up in person training with one of our training facilitators, please contact us at


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